2014 Christmas Shopping – Thrift Store Style – pt. 2

The second shopping trip for Christmas 2014 was made in the middle of December, with my eldest son.  He was coached ahead of time on the purpose of the shopping trip, and charged with aiding in the treasure search.  He was amenable to the idea, otherwise this momma would have been shopping solo.  Have you ever tried shopping with a child who doesn’t want to?  It’s horrendous.  This trip didn’t quite produce the quantity as the last one, but that’s okay.  We don’t want to bury the tree.  Without further ado, the spoils…


Four Star Trek novels.  I realized when I got home that I accidentally got two copies of Spock’s World.  Oops-a-daisy.


A Far Side book for Daddy and a Star Wars book for the boys.


My son spotted these for his brother.  The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 discs.  I’m interested to see what these are like.



A whole slew of Star Trek novels.  We’re big fans of the TV series, but have yet to read any of the books.


Three more Star Wars novels.

And that’s it.  Rather less than last time.  There was one book that was half-off, and one of the thrift stores had a buy four books, get one free deal.  The grand total came to $48.71 for 27 items.  Average per item:


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